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Management of the Business and Coaching

Stephanie Pelletier

Stephanie Pelletier, a pivotal contributor to Courtside Sports Center's success, seamlessly balances her role in both business management and coaching. Her impressive academic and athletic background underscores her multifaceted talents.

Stephanie is a distinguished graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she achieved the esteemed honor of being elected into the Lally School of Management Honor Society. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a dual major in Management and Psychology, complemented by a minor in Biology, reflecting her diverse academic interests and dedication to excellence.

Her passion for basketball has been evident from a young age, as she captained her high school basketball team and attained the prestigious Connecticut High School Coaches Association All-State Academic Athlete status during her senior year. This accolade not only speaks to her prowess on the court but also underscores her commitment to academic achievement.

Stephanie's basketball journey continued into her college years, where she played at the collegiate level for four years. Her dedication and leadership on the court have undoubtedly contributed to her coaching prowess.

Currently, Stephanie serves as the JV coach and assistant varsity coach at Lewis S. Mills Region 10 High School in Burlington, CT. Her coaching role showcases her commitment to nurturing young talent and imparting her wealth of basketball knowledge to the next generation of athletes.

Stephanie Pelletier's impressive academic achievements, coupled with her passion for basketball and coaching, make her an invaluable asset to Courtside Sports Center. Her dedication to both business and the development of young athletes exemplifies the center's commitment to fostering excellence in sports and education.

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