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Party & Event Rental

At our Party & Event Rental service, we wholeheartedly believe that each celebration is as unique as the individuals it honors. We understand that sometimes our existing party packages may not align perfectly with your vision for your child's special day. But fret not, because we're here to collaborate closely with you to design a one-of-a-kind party plan that brings your dreams to life.

With our package, we offer admission for ten children, and the birthday boy or girl gets to enjoy the celebration free of charge. If you wish to invite more friends and family, it's just $15 per additional child.

Flexibility is key, which is why we grant you the freedom to divide your two-hour celebration between our inviting party room and our courts. The choice is entirely yours, allowing you to create the ideal balance for your event.

To ensure that your special day runs seamlessly, our dedicated party organizer will be by your side, assisting you every step of the way. Whether you're envisioning an action-packed sports extravaganza or an intimate indoor gathering, we are committed to working with you to craft an unforgettable celebration that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Sports Themes: Choose from a variety of exciting sports themes, including baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, dodgeball, whiffleball, or simply enjoy playtime. Let us know your preferred theme, and we'll infuse it into every aspect of your celebration, from decor to activities.

Let's collaborate to create magical moments together, with a sporting twist that will leave your guests cheering for more!

$220.00 Starting price

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