🏀 Join us for the 2024 Breakthrough Hoop Clinic – Essential Youth Skills & Decision Making Camp! 🏀


2024 Breakthrough Hoop Clinic

Essentail Youth Skills & Decision Making Camp

​ What Players get out of Camp?

  • Technique & skills to become a great shooter
  • Essential skilss to become a great ball handler
  • learn how to make lay ups
  • How to become a defensive stopper & rebound machine

Ball Handling

  • Stationary ball handling to improve rhythm,feel, & coordination
  • Critical progressions to ensure that your dribble moves are effective & explosive.


  • How to possition your feet & align your body
  • Proper footwork & how to develop a quick release
  • How to shoot game shots from game spots at game speed.


  • Techniques to reduce turnovers & make more shots
  • One on one finishing drill


  • How to cut & get open - v-cut, basket cuts, I-cuts, backdoor cuts & more
  • How to attack down screens, back screens & more

Defense & Rebounding

  • How to improve quickness play better on-ball defense
  • How to improve speed, position away from ball, effective close-outs & box outs


  • Pivots, sweeps,step throughs, drop steps & hops


  • Improve eye- hand coordination & passing skills with the Steve Nash passing series

Competitive Play & Controlled Scrimmages

Players will get to take the skills they practiced & apply them in a game setting.  This is fun & intense.  The games are set up so the players have to give

maximum effort & execute proper fundamentals.

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